3B Structures is famed with different iron works like steel trusses, steel fences, steel windows, spiral stairs railings, sliding and swing gates or any other projects related to iron and steels. We cater carpentry, masonry and painting works. We supply roofing and we install. We accept also GENERAL CONSTRUCTION works as stated by our permits.

When you need our construction services, please come to us to create it for you. We promise we can deliver, whether it’s traditional design or standard design or a wildly original design that requires unique cutting, shaping and assembly services. We work with the best quality equipped to handle almost any sort metal works. 




Specialized Iron Works

SERVICES: Gen. Construction, Accept Painting, Electrical, Carpentry , Roll Up, Roofing Installation , CCTV and many more . . . 

SALES: Steel, Roofing, and Cast Iron    


You will be pleased by the wide range of services and products we offer. We are looking forward in doing business with you.

You can reach through this landline  512-0866  or 268-4811 Mobile 0915-4562800 at your most convenient time.


We give a 1 year warranty of all the projects we worked.

All projects we designate 1 Enginners and 1 Architect to make sure that all project are complete and successful.



  - Always center the Lord in all the decisions and actions to be done.

  - Always follow the law and base all works to be done with the law.

   - Be honest and be faithful to all the clients to be served.

   - Help those people who are in need.

   - Always put the clients first and always be good to them.

   - Follow schedules and always finish the projects on time.

   - Treat all clients equal and no discrimination among the clients.

  - Put safety first above all when in the construction site.

  - Always love your work and everything else will follow accordingly.